Those Looking for an Office

Those Looking for an Office

Providing a Comfortable Office Environment

YBP Benefit

Yokohama Business Park's "Benefit" provides an ideal environment in the Yokohama area where a space where you can concentrate on work, a space where you can refresh, and a space where you can have fun all coexist.
Introducing notable spots that will help you achieve the ideal work-life balance.

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Information on how to access by train, bus, and car. Located within walking distance from three stations: Hodogaya Station on the JR Yokosuka Line and Shonan-Shinjuku Line, Tennocho and Hoshikawa on the Sotetsu Line, and access to many bus routes. There are also parking facilities available for those using cars.

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Office Space

We will show you an office with modern and efficient office space. A spacious working area and laboratory facilities are available, allowing for flexible layouts to suit your business needs.

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Lab (research facility)

This facility can be used if you wish to use it as a research laboratory. We can also install water supply pipes and drain pipes to bring water into rental rooms, as well as supply and exhaust equipment that can extract air. Additionally, the floor load has been strengthened so that a wide range of equipment can be installed.

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We will introduce not only office buildings but also restaurants, shops, sports facilities, and other buildings in Yokohama Business Park. Yokohama Business Park offers not only the pleasure of working but also the joy of living.

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Property Overview

The overall property overview of Yokohama Business Park.

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